Challenge Rules

Completing a challenge

1. To complete a challenge you will need to record and submit a qualifying result within 28 days of signing up. If you do not submit a result within that time, your challenge attempt will expire.

2. Qualifying results are all runs that satisfy the challenge waypoint rules and are completed within the challenge time limit as outlined on each ultra rail challenge page.

Routes & waypoints

1. To complete your challenge, you are free to choose any route so long as it satisfies the challenge waypoint rules. 

2. It is your responsibility to research your route, and to ensure that the route you choose is safe and suitable for you to run on.

3. There are no penalties for detours. If you get lost or run a longer route that necessary, it will only add to your challenge finish time.

4. Adherence to challenge waypoints is mandatory. If you miss a waypoint your result may be disqualified or handicapped by means of a time penalty. 

5. Each challenge waypoint comes with latitude/longitude coordinates and a detailed description of what is required of you. If you have any questions about waypoints, get in touch with us before your run.

Receiving support

1. You must complete your challenge under your own power without drafting, helping, pushing, supporting or any other type of physical assistance. Any such assistance is strictly forbidden and will result in disqualification.

2. You are allowed the support of a crew, insofar as that support limits itself to food, drink, clothing and medical provisions. You are also allowed the support of pacers, should you choose to employ pacers during your challenge attempt.


1. To safeguard the integrity of the challenge, results should be submitted in the form of publicly accessible Strava of Garmin Connect activities. These activities will be linked to wherever your result appears on

2. You should complete your run and submit a result in within 28 days of entering a challenge. Results with linked activities completed before your challenge signup date will not be admitted.

3. Your challenge finish time will be determined on the basis of your linked activity’s elapsed/total time, not your moving/net time. Your total activity distance will also be displayed as part of your official challenge result.

4. Should a submitted result not be approved or be disqualified for any reason, you will have the right to submit another result in its place at any time until the expiration of the 28-day result submission window.


1. Your challenge result will be subject to approval by a member of our team. 

2. Your results may be disqualified for failing to meet waypoint requirements, exceeding the challenge time limit or for having been submitted outside the 28-day result submission window. 

3. Your results may also be disqualified, and your athlete account permanently banned, if we find that you have doctored your run data, received unauthorised support, doped or cheated in your challenge attempt in any way. 

4. In the event that waypoints are missed in good faith and by a small margin, as evidenced by a result’s linked activity, we may choose to impose a time penalty instead of disqualifying your result. 

5. If one of your results is disqualified, we will contact you to let you know. Any and all decisions regarding the acceptance or disqualification of results is entirely in our discretion.

This page was last updated on July 2, 2020