Ultra Rail North Texas

Dallas Union Station Downtown Irving Fort Worth T&P Station
Run the length of the Trinity Railway Express from Dallas through Irving to Fort Worth.

The approximate distance for this challenge is 35 miles, although the exact distance will depend on the route you choose to take between waypoints.

Time limit

You should complete this challenge in under 12 hours and submit your result within 28 days from the day you sign up.

Challenge Waypoints

Dallas Union Station

32.776170, -96.807250

Start at the "Eddie Bernice Johnson Union Station" plaque outside the Dallas Union Station entrance on 400 South Houston Street.

Downtown Irving

32.814570, -96.947790

Come through Rock Island Rd, passing by the entrance of the Downtown Irving/Heritage Crossing Station (pictured).

Fort Worth T&P Station

32.745990, -97.327760

Finish at the main entrance to the Fort Worth T&P Station (pictured) on 221 W Lancaster Ave.