Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I sign up for a challenge?

Go to the Challenges page, click on the challenge you want to enter and then click the Sign Up button to enter your participant details. 

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How long will it take to complete a challenge?

It depends. Challenges range in length from 30-ish to over 80 miles, and each challenge comes with its own time limit, which you can find at the top of the challenge page under Time Limit.

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What's included in my challenge entry fee?

Your Ultra Rail Challenge entry fee includes:

  • Entry to the challenge of your choice
  • Review of your results by a member of stuff and confirmation of your challenge completion
  • Publication of your results on the challenge leaderboard and your dedicated athlete page on

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Do I get a medal for completing a challenge?

Not at the moment. Your only showcase for your accomplishments is your athlete profile page, which can be viewed by anyone on and off

Our plan is to introduce medals for challenges in the not-too-distant future, and when we do you will receive a notification to claim yours.

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What route should I follow to complete my challenge?

You are free to follow any route in completing any ultra rail challenge, so long as you stick to the waypoints as outlined in the Challenge Waypoints section on the challenge details pages.

For some challenges, there will only be two waypoints, and you will only be required to start and finish your run at specific points with no other route restrictions in between. In other cases, the challenge will include additional intermediate waypoints that you'll need to hit to qualify your run.

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How do challenge waypoints work?

Challenge waypoints provide a series of checkpoints that you need to hit during your run, in order to complete your challenge. Any result submitted that does not hit those waypoints will be disqualified. 

When you go onto the details page for any ultra rail challenge, you'll find a Challenge Waypoints section that outlines the waypoints you'll need to include in your run. For some challenges, there will only be a start and finish waypoint; for others, there will be additional intermediate points you'll need to hit between start and finish. 

Some waypoints are landmarks you'll need to start from, finish at or pass by. Other waypoints will require you to pass through specific streets or junctions during your run. All waypoints come with a pair of latitude/longitude coordinates that can help you identify the location of the waypoint on a map. 

If you are in any way unsure about waypoint instructions for your challenge, get in touch

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How long do I have to submit a result?

Once you sign up for a challenge, you will have 28 days to complete and submit a qualifying result. After that time, you will not be able to submit a result and you will need to re-enter a challenge in order to submit a result.

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How do I submit a result?

To submit a result:

  1. Go to your ongoing challenges page
  2. Find the challenge you want to submit a result for and click Submit result
  3. Enter the link to your qualifying activity on Strava or Garmin Connect

Once your result is reviewed and approved, we'll send you an email to let you know.

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Why do I need to submit an "activity link"?

In order to ensure the integrity of all challenge results, we ask you to evidence your result by sharing a publicly accessible Strava or Garmin Connect activity. The activity you share will be used to calculate your finish time and to confirm that you hit all necessary challenge waypoints during your run.

Keeping your activity publicly accessible at all times is a necessary requirement for the ongoing validity of your challenge results on, and a link to that activity will be included on challenge leaderboards and your public athlete profile page.

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How do I make my activities public on Strava?

To make your Strava activity public, please follow these instructions, setting the Privacy Controls for your activity to Everyone.

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How do I make my activities public on Garmin Connect?

To make a Garmin Connect activity public, do the following:

  1. Log into yout Garmin Connect account
  2. Find the activity you want to make public
  3. Click on the small lock icon at the top right of the activity page
  4. Select Everyone as your activity privacy setting

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Can my result be disqualified?

Yes. Your result may be disqualified if:

  • you fail to stick to the challenge waypoints during your run
  • you fail to make it to the end of the challenge before the challenge time limit
  • you submit a result outside the 28 days result submission window
  • your submitted activity link becomes inaccessible or is otherwise unusable as evidence to having completed your challenge
  • you receive unauthorized support during your run
  • we suspect you've doctored your challenge result, received unauthorized assistance or cheated in some other way

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Can I receive support during my challenge attempt?

There are certain types of support you can receive during your challenge attempt. For example, receiving food and drinks from the public and your supporters along the course is fine.

However, any help beyond that is stricty forbidden. If you're in any doubt about specific support you plan to receive during your challenge attempt from the public, get in touch

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Can I take breaks during my challenge attempt?

Sure. You can do anything you would during a race, so long as you:

  1. Hit all waypoints in the challenge
  2. Complete the challenge inside the challenge time limit

When you submit your challenge result, we will use your linked activity's elapsed/moving time to calculate your official finish time.

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