UTA FrontRunner

Take on Utah's FrontRunner line in our 83mi Ultra Rail Salt Lake challenge

Ultra Rail

Ultra rail is a unique format combining the strain of an unsupported road ultra with the strategic requirements of a self-navigation challenge.

Our challenges vary from a mere 30-something miles to over 80 miles, run almost entirely across sprawling urban metroplexes. Dallas to Fort Worth, DC to Baltimore, San Francisco to San Jose are just a few examples of challenges we offer.

To put your name on the board, you’ll have to research your own route from start to finish, complete your challenge in under the challenge time limit and submit your GPS results for approval within 28 days of signing up.

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How it Works

Sign up for any ultra rail challenge and be prepared to complete your challenge in the next 28 days.

Run the entire challenge distance from start to finish, hitting all waypoints in between, in under the challenge time limit.

Submit your GPS activity to receive your official result.